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Light Therapy Full package

Light Therapy Full package

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Effective For Pain Relief, Beauty, Health & Wellness The World’s Leading Light Therapy System for Personal & Professional Use.      
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      Bioptron Pro1 Full Package
PAG-990-USC Bioptron Pro1 PAG-991-FS Floor Stand PAG-992 Color Therapy Kit PAG-990-FFK Fullerine Lens

The Bioptron Pro 1 professional model is a Swiss-made medical light system that is clinically proven and certified across the world, for faster healing and pain relief of numerous medical conditions. The 100% safe spectrum of BIOPTRON polychromatic light does not contain any UV radiation. Being a natural "polarized" light product, it is compatible with any cosmetic treatment you may be using, while enhancing its effect.

  • BENEFITS: The Bioptron saves you time, money and energy, but most of all, it assists in comforting and healing your body. Proven to have amazing results for many health conditions, It allows you to relax, REJUVENATE, and feel calm. Light therapy helps to heal acne, fights the signs of aging, reduces inflammation and pain and improves moods!
  • FEATURES: The BIOPTRON is a patented light therapy medical device with an improved housing design and digital timer controls. The Bioptron Pro 1 features a functional rolling floor stand and/or an ergonomic table stand allowing flexible use in domestic and professional environments. The filter diameter of BIOPTRON Pro 1 (approx. 11 cm) allows the treatment of small as well as larger areas. Comes with the new sleep mode setting.
  • USE AT: Our product is used at homes, hospitals, sports and wellness centers and also in therapeutic clinics. Being a light weight and portable device makes the Bioptron Pro 1 exceptionally easy for 1 person to operate.

How BIOPTRON Light Therapy Works

The human body is reportedly made up of more than 70 trillion cells, all of which absorb different wavelengths of the BIOPTRON light to trigger a myriad of biological and cellular reactions in a process known as photo-biostimulation.

When living tissues absorb light, the level of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) increases and cell metabolism increases resulting in:

  • Increased cellular energy
  • Increased micro-circulation and cell activity
  • Increased production of collagen and elastin
  • Reduced swelling and inflammation
  • Promotes cell activation
  • Accelerates the healing process

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