Testimony Page

"I am a young nurse and developed GERD that was so severe that even prescription medication barely helped. I had two EGDs and various other exams which all showed significant acid reflux. I was so desperate for help to the point the I started to consider surgical intervention....With Havas help I am doing so much better...Treatments take time but they work!"



"We have used several of Hava’s products and are always 100% satisfied! We have her famous Bone & Tissue Salve in just about every cabinet in the house. It’s a miracle cream and heals so many things! We also love her Cayenne Pepper Salve and the Immune Support formula that we are stacked up on for the winter....Her guidance and advice are priceless on all the natural products....Hava, not only manufactures and sells her own natural products, but also lovingly educates everyone of her clients."

- Davidoff Family


"Hava helped heal an “irreversible” nursing injury. My son was less than two weeks old, I had no milk and every doctor told me to quit and give up. They told me my body would never look or be the same, and my skin wouldn’t re grow....That was not what Hava said,  she taught me that all my body needed was a little bit of love. With herbs, creams, oils and mostly a lifestyle change and rest, I was able to heal completely and nurse my child for over six months! It was then that I became a believer in natural medicine. Hava gave me the tools I needed to be a mother and taught me every step of the way how to nurture and care for my children. I am now a mother of three, who can confidently say, I am their caretaker in time of need. I currently have 15 of her products stocked at all times, and if I ever forget or need help with administering them she is always available for a consultation!"



"My son came from school with an ear ache and sore throat I quickly searched on this chat for ear ache and I saw Hava’s instructions. I quickly followed everything and I was amazed to see how quickly his ear ache went away just by rubbing the cayenne salve."



"My son was having chronic upper respiratory issues from when he was a small baby. Every time he would catch a cold it would manifest itself in his lungs with bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia,etc.At some point the doctor prescribed steroids and an inhaler...I called Hava and she made a house call, giving him a special hot cold therapy treatment. The results were astounding and immediate. The best part was that my son no longer had those upper respiratory infections in the years to come!"